"From our burgers to our finest sea food dishes and hand crafted cocktails, we strive for excellent techniques and great personal service."

--Chef Bryon Peck

601 Gallier St. New Orleans, LA  504.944.9272  Open seven days a week.

Bryon Peck"Real Food Done Real Good" was a slogan that was brought to Elizabeth's with the first owner, Heidi Trull. I really liked this slogan and decided to keep it. My personal mission was to make everything from scratch. This means bringing in great product and treating it with the most care and creativity that it deserves. We do this, while creating a comfortable low key atmosphere with plenty of neighborhood funk…a place for everyone that is approachable and reliable. From our burgers to our finest sea food dishes and hand crafted cocktails, we strive for excellent techniques and great personal service.

-- Chef Bryon Peck


Chef Bryon Peck Grew up in Southern California and began working in "Roach Coaches" (those funky food trucks at construction sites) at the age of 13. Although a California native, his roots are firmly grounded in Louisiana food and culture. Bryon's "Grandmother", a Louisiana native, introduced him to the cooking of the region at an early age. It was then that Bryon developed a taste for Louisiana seafood, Game and all of it's other amazing resources. A Graduate of The California Culinary Institute, Bryon employs classic French techniques to refine traditional fare at Elizabeth's.


1996 - Elizabeth's started in 1996 with Heidi Elizabeth Trull as a catering kitchen and quickly became a neighborhood hit for a cheap breakfast and huge lunch portions.

1998 - Praline bacon was born…and Saturday brunches became a big hit. Chartres St. and the neighborhood were going through major transformations (lake Charters as we called it then). Chartres St. went through a two year construction project that was enough to kill any entrepreneurial spirit…but that didn't happen.

2000s - The new decade came and things were really doing better. Joe and Heidi get pregnant and decide to sell the business and leave new Orleans to raise their son.

2004 - Chef Bryon Peck is hired to bridge the sale to Floyd Mclamb and Stewart Anthony in order to keep the food consistent.

2005 - As we were completing some of the first renovations, we were hit with Hurricane Katrina. Chef Bryon Peck was displaced for nine months and the restaurant ran war torn like so many others in the months after the storm.

2006 - Floyd and Stewart sell the restaurant to James (Jim) Harp and Holy Lafevers. Realizing Chef Bryon Peck's importance to the operation, Jim brings Bryon back to put together the food and crew. Full swing Sunday brunches and dinners are begun and the restaurant begins to soar.

2008 - Bryon's unbelievable food and vision cause sales to double and our local/national reviews go off the chart. Executive Chef Bryon Peck is made a Managing partner.

2011 - Bryon becomes Owner of Elizabeth's and Creator of Peck Restaurant Group with his family.

2012 - Peck Restaurant Group Purchases 601 Gallier St., taking total control of the future of the restaurant.

…and we are continuing to grow and get better every day.